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post-title How so many small businesses pitch themselves

How so many small businesses pitch themselves

How so many small businesses pitch themselves

Hey my people, I am Watson Ÿwän AlQacci, an entrepreneur in Fort Lauderdale.

The last 5 years I’ve been really busy working on the art of developing myself into a Higher Status person. I have traveled to silicon valley 5 times to get trained by some of the best developers and designers in the industry. I attended 2 times the “Google Product Design Con” to master the art of using design as a machine that sends signals to human brain cells (telling them how legit is your product or your service or your website) by using the psychology in color just to get their attention to stick around on your website until they click the buy button or sometimes entering their email address to subscribe to your webinar or blog. Why did I do that? Well! I just wanted to be an expert so I could deliver better services and solve harder problems. Which also plays a huge role when I meet a potential customer to be able pitch my business better under 30 sec.

Without going into too much details, let’s try to correct your boring pitches.

  1. “I own a small web design company. And we work with small companies with low budget  and we are very cheap.”

Don’t say that.

Instead, say,

    2. “I own a web design company like no other. The last 5 years I travelled to silicon valley 5 times to get trained by some of the best in the industry, and till now as technology changes everyday, I update myself everyday with each and every latest technology. So I can deliver better services. So that’s why we guarantee your company will increase in sales.” Under 15 seconds 

Notice the difference? But you gotta mean it. How good is your service really? Can you really deliver quality products, services etc.? To say it the right way, you must have something to prove that you can be the best or you’re the best. As you’re speaking, prove it that you’re an expert. That’s the reason why I’ll recommend you to educate yourself of your industry. Be an expert, speak like one, be it.

*The first makes you seem small and insignificant and easily ignored. It makes no claims—it has no hooks. The second makes you seem CONFIDENT, UNIQUE and CAPABLE of being someone who’s here to help solving a problem, someone we can trust doing what he is best at, someone who will be fun to work with, a confident expert, a unique being capable of bringing value to one’s company, otherwise personally a moneymaker.

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you need to make small money. Your service quality could be way better than any other multi-million dollar companies out there. Keep your heads up and crush the market.

Keep rocking and Be great, Ÿwän!

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