Chamber Membership

The Chamber is…
A coalition of area businesses, industries, organizations, and professionals who bring together their talents and resources to improve the economic, civic,and cultural climate of their community. The Chamber also provides information and assistance to newcomers.

The Chamber has a strong alliance with education, homeowners and businesses to create a better community for everyone. An investment in the Haitian America Chamber of Commerce is an investment in your personal, professional and community’s growth and success!

Being a Partner
We have over 250 members who represent the chamber and make it a leader in community development and in growing local businesses.We can achieve more by being Partners than we can achieve alone.

• It’s all about Networking with the Best
Join in networking with one of the most devoted and powerful business and economic development organizations in the region.

• Support Fellow Entrepreneurs
We are focused on entrepreneurial and small businesses. Artists and Artisans as well are welcomed.

• Return on Investment
As a member, finding one new customer through the Chamber can pay dividends for years to come. Investing in your Chamber is investing in your community.

• Making an Impact
The Chamber works in economic development, small business and entrepreneurial development, education, membership developement, communication, and active in efforts to strengthen our community. We are instrumental in promoting the arts, revitalization, and education.

• Opportunities = Growing Your Business!
• Networking Opportunities
• Community Involvement
• Information Access

• Give Back to Your Community
All of our success is achieved through membership investments based on size and type of organization and sponsorships.

Our Members Are: