The Business Leaders Lab Program, a pioneering online training initiative, is proud to announce its establishment in 2023. Designed to foster a coalition of business leadership, this program aims to address critical operation and workforce issues in communities across South Florida.

The Business Leaders Lab Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips participants with essential skills and knowledge in key areas of business leadership. Through a series of engaging online sessions, industry experts and local business executives will provide valuable insights and guidance to enhance leadership capabilities, foster effective communication, drive sales success, and build a solid foundation in business principles.

The program comprises four distinct cohorts, each focusing on vital aspects of business leadership:

Leadership: Participants will explore different leadership principles, including character, skills, and servant leadership. Local business executives and organizational leaders will share their experiences and provide valuable insights into effective leadership strategies.

Marketing and Communications: This workshop will delve into building successful partnerships with local media, internal communication within organizations, and personal branding for social media and marketing materials.

Operations and Sales: Emphasizing attitude and activity for successful sales, this workshop will provide strategies for diagnosing customer needs, prescribing effective solutions, and tracking sales activities for optimal performance.

Money and HR: Participants in this program will gain essential knowledge of basic business principles, entrepreneurial skills, and human resources management. The curriculum also covers culture development and skills assessments.

Each program will meet for 45 minutes to an hour on Tuesday evenings, with classes running for four weeks online from July 25th through August 16th 2023. The program offers flexible learning opportunities that accommodate busy schedules while providing valuable and actionable insights for participants.

“We are thrilled to launch the Business Leaders Lab Program, providing South Florida business leaders with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in a dynamic and competitive business landscape,” said Gerry Daniel, Program Leader – Operations. “By bringing together industry experts and local business executives, we aim to foster a community of strong, innovative, and effective leaders who will drive economic growth and make a positive impact in their respective organizations and communities.”

Besides the cohorts, Technical Assistance Program promotes economic wealth in the small minority and black business communities in Miami-Dade County through the following initiatives:

  • 1. One-on-one consultation and site visits to businesses to assist with the following:
    Business start-up assistance
    Completing certification and loan packages
    Organizing their business/marketing plan
    Accounting/bookkeeping services
    Business-owner financial planning
  • 2. Free Monthly forums/Breakfasts/workshops on the following topics:
    Accessing capital
    Procurement and government contracts
    Staffing/Human Resources
    Marketing/business planning
    Technology and going green

3. Certification with various agencies and municipalities

4. Bi-monthly networking activities with businesses and potential clients

5. Clearing house for business resources and contracting opportunities

6. Weekly email announcements, newsletters, monthly calendars and publications on our website creating awareness of events and opportunities.