The Haitian Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for a dynamic year of participation in several prominent expos, showcasing the vibrant Haitian business community. These expos offer a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors while highlighting the innovation, resilience, and cultural richness of our members.

International Trade Expo: Join us at the International Trade Expo, where we will spotlight Haitian businesses and entrepreneurs ready to expand their global footprint. This expo serves as a platform for cross-border partnerships and trade discussions.

Small Business Showcase: Our commitment to fostering small business growth takes center stage at the Small Business Showcase. This expo celebrates the diversity of family-owned enterprises, from startups to established ventures, and connects them with valuable resources and potential collaborators.

We invite you to mark your calendars and join us at these expos to celebrate the resilience, entrepreneurship, and cultural richness of the Haitian business community. Together, we’ll forge connections, drive innovation, and create opportunities for growth and success.

See more details on our participation in these expos and how you can get involved. Your support and engagement are integral to our mission of promoting Haitian businesses and fostering economic prosperity.